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Banned Custom Tracks, Shortcuts & Glitches (Updated August 12th, 2017)

Discussion in 'WL ~ Wiimmfi League' started by Fruitz, Jun 21, 2015.

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  1. Fruitz

    Fruitz never lucky.

    • MKBoards Supporter
    Nov 29, 2014

    The following track(s) are banned from competitive play:

    - Comet Starway: Respawn error which automatically gives a player a low position.
    - Disco Fever: Position tracker errors.
    - GCN Rainbow Road: Section where falling takes a prolonged time during race.
    - Helado Mountain: Respawn error which doesn't count your lap and automatically gives a player a low position.
    - Sea Stadium: There is a wall that you can get hit over to gain positions and the loops cause problems when blues/shocks are involved.

    - Yellow Loop: Has a ramp that lacks a fall boundary so players must redo a certain section of the track.

    Special occasion banned track(s):

    - Undiscovered Offlimit: Intentional lagging issues in 12 player rooms. This has been witnessed in past 12 player room wars and FFA's. This track is also only banned in 6vs6 matches.
    If any of these tracks are selected during a match, the race will not count and the room will have to be reset (at the cost of the player's clan which selected it; see rule VIII. *g. for more information).

    Please note that tracks will be unbanned if the problems listed above get fixed. Additional tracks will also be banned if problems arise with them. Should any tracks be banned or unbanned, it will be noted in this thread (as a new post by myself and this one being edited).

    The following shortcuts/glitches are banned from competitive play:

    - BassBasher City: Respawn shortcut/glitch which saves a lot of time.
    - Blue Loop: Overpowered shortcut/glitch.
    - Castle of Darkness (Bagging): Going backwards at all before the first ramp and after the last ramp is inapplicable as the pathway (shown in the video) going backwards is banned due to position tracking glitches being caused by entering it.
    - Crossingville: Overpowered shortcut/glitch, potential no lap count, & also triggers a position tracker glitches.
    - Disco Fever: Overpowered shortcut/glitch.
    - Haunted Woods: Respawn shortcut/glitch which saves a lot of time.
    - Kinoko Cave: Overpowered shortcut/glitch.
    - SNES Donut Plains 3: Overpowered shortcut/glitch.
    - Subspace Factory: Shortcut is banned as it provides pre-determined item boxes (stars and mega mushrooms) if taken successfully.

    If any of these glitches/shortcuts on the tracks above are used in a WL match, they will result in a penalty of 100 points towards the player's team and his/her individual score (for every person performing a glitch) per race; see rules VIII. e-e.ii. for more information.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2017
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