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How-to: Player Transfers

Discussion in 'Player Transfers' started by Stunky, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Stunky

    Stunky Tom | Stunky Staff Member WL Staff

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    Jul 12, 2013
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    Information Required
    If you're the player transferring:

    - Your previous clan's name and/or tag.
    - Your new clan's name and/or tag.
    - If you're submitting an FC Update alongside the transfer, the new FCs and a photograph of the license selection screen.
    - Sufficient proof of permission from a representative of the team you're transferring to. This can be in the form of a printscreen, or the representative posting on the transfer thread.

    If you are a representative
    - The person's name
    - The person's previous clan's name and/or tag.
    - The person's new clan's name and/or tag (If not assumed).
    - Sufficient proof of permission from the member. This can be in the form of a printscreen, or a post from the member within the transfer thread.

    Please note that sufficient proof from the member is not required in cases of representatives moving people between tiers and/or track types of the same clan, or to Free Agents. So, for example, Mitch moving me from Battle Cry Lunar to Battle Cry Solar could be performed without my permission, as could a move to Free Agents.

    Formats Accepted
    For transfers, there are a wide range of formats accepted, and we are much less strict with structure as we may be with Player Registrations.

    So long as the information is there and the proof of permission seems valid, the transfer is considered valid, and would thus need to go through the approval of the council (if required) prior to being processed.

    The following spoiler shows a few examples of different formats we would accept.
    Please move me from Free Agents to Battle Cry Eclipse. Mitch will send permission in the thread shortly.
    Please move me from Free Agents to Battle Cry Eclipse. Mitch will send permission in the thread shortly.

    I'm also doing an FC Update.


    Important Note Regarding Transfer Deadlines

    Following recent changes within the ruleset and the way the transfer system works, there are specific times in which transfers can be processed. These times are:
    - In the off-season (subject to no reviews).
    - In the preliminary seedings stage of the league's process (subject to some reviewal, as transfers may affect seedings).
    - Between 11:59pm Sunday in Week 5 and 11:59pm EDT the Friday prior to Week 6's officially planned date (subject to large review).

    For any information on this, please refer to the ruleset (RTs or CTs, section IV.f. for both rulesets).

    Transfers outside of these ranges will not be processed until a range is met.
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