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MKU S6 D5 Mid-Season Review

Discussion in 'MK8 Official Media' started by Elpis, May 25, 2016.

  1. Elpis

    Elpis Frags

    May 24, 2014
    Fatal Aces
    MKU Season 6 Mid-Season Review - Division 5
    Analysis by Protox
    Match Review by Speck

    While to many it is an overlooked division, Division 5 in the past has had many new teams and players in the past that have risen to the top. The likes of Arcadia, Divine Phoenix and Dynamite started at a low division and rose to the top. This season, the division has been closer than it's ever been, with four teams battling it out for the crown. While the rosters are still changing as the season goes on, the title is still anyone's to grasp.

    At the halfway mark, this is how everything is shaping up;

    Merciless currently lead the way with 12 points, but only a mere two points ahead of their closest challenger. Their campaign has been solid with five wins and one loss however, the loss being at Week 5 to Nferno Sun which now brings them back into contention as well as destroying some of the momentum carried through the first four undefeated matches. Rebuilding the momentum will be key to fend off the challengers closely following them as they know as well as everyone else, the division is still wide open. Chato and Azuza have been consistent all season, averaging 37.6 ,tied 2nd best average in the division. This high scoring from these two has been key in their success with Azuza playing every match so far. In his absense, Chato will need to be available to fill the void otherwise Merciless will have a tougher task to cling onto victories.

    Essency closely follow on 10 points. Essency and it's former aliases have participated in this division for some time and know what the competition is like as shown by their flawless 10-0 demolition job of this Division. However their roster is much more depleted than before but with Veterans joining the group like Dread coming from Division 1 last season, The online experience from players like Joebo and World End as well as the Time Trial skill of Lemon, Essency are sure to be a huge threat to Merciless entering the second half. Having both a draw and the better point difference, one slip up by the leaders and Essency can break away claiming back-to-back Division 5 Titles. As mentioned before, the additions of Joebo and Dread have proven to pay off as they average 34.2, the 5th best in the division, and 33.9 points per GP, Joebo is one of a few players in Essency to have maximum VR in Worldwide races while Dread has been a veteran of the Mario Kart series and his experience over the years and also his time from playing in DIvision 1 with Dynamite. All these elements give Essency a good depth to their lineups. Missing one of these elements will make their side and playstyle much much different. Dread being unavailable for most matches will be something to cope with but when he plays he has a lot to offer for this title chasing side.

    Separated by the Bonus Point is Yoshi Family. Like Essency, they too play their second succesive season in the fifth tier. Back then they trailed the Winners, Essency, by 12 points but now only being separated by one win against Merciless, there is a certain growth within the clan and for their rivals, certainly not a team to underestimate. Storm and Shiro are the 7th and 8th highest scorers in the division with 31.5 and 30.9 points. All players have been fairly consistent showing the unity of the team. They will want to live up to their name and play as a family to keep the pressure on their opponents.

    Taking fourth spot, level on points with Yoshi Family, is Nferno Sun. A second team of the group Nferno, there is a diverse mix of long time MK Veterans and newcomers. This dynamical mix is something their opponents should look out for coming into the second half of the season. Having only won three of their opening five matches, they will look to make amends of their slow start to the season. If any of the leaders slip up, look for Nferno to make a late charge for the title. Cloud is their highest scoring player and the division's 4th highest scorer, averaging 37 points. To make this feat seem greater than it is, he has been doing these performances on the much less technical Inward Drifting bike. He is one of the more well known Inward users in the community and at times, considered the best which gives us an insight as to the quality he brings to the lineup. Inward users being an interesting dynamic to a lineup and with his high scoring capabilities, missing him not only lowers the quality of the side but also changes their style completely.

    Immortal Beasts sit in fifth place on 4 points, two behind Nferno Sun. They have shown glimpses of potential, having drawn with the Division favourites Essency but aside from that, have been rather unimpressive against their other opposition. Immortal Beasts have had the top division quality in Quent but with him now out of the picture, only time till tell if Immortal Beasts can still put up a fight against the rest of their opponents. Quent, as said before, has been the talisman to some of their performances, being the highest scoring player on average with 40.5, a considerable amount over the next highest player who has 37.6. But with him now out of the picture, Immortal Beasts will need to turn to their leader Annissa to produce something. However with their current average at 29.9 which is 12th overall in the division, they will need a little bit extra from them to have a fighting chance against their tough opponents. However recent accusations of Sinic and Drew who have averaged 36 and 35.7 in their matches will need to be active players for them to stand a chance.

    Sitting rock solid at the bottom is 8-Bit. Originating from MKUK, 8-Bit have had a lot more addition to their roster since those days but have been unable to show how much stronger their side has gotten, receiving five solid beating from their opposition. While they managed to keep a close matchup against fellow strugglers Immortal Beasts, claiming a Bonus Point, it will be interesting to see if their squad can develop as the season goes on reducing the deficits and possibly earning their first win in Mario Kart Universal. Gamy has been their highest scorer, averaging 30.5, but in comparison to the rest of the teams, this figure seems mediocre. Him and the rest of his teammates will want to increase their figures to show as players, they are s good as others in the division.

    Key Matches:

    One might've considered this match a Division 5 equivalent of David vs Goliath. Immortal Beasts, playing the role of David, find themselves the unknown to many observers, with several of their squad still relatively fresh into the competitive scene, save Quent, quickly being established as IB's chief carry. Ultimately, with nothing to lose going into this season, matches like these have everything to gain. Meanwhile, standing tall and proud as Goliath, Essency. With a pedigree of Division 5 domination the season previous, Ridge's racers have a solid experience of the rush of competitive experience, and some well-established, well-meshed members to boot. So which wins... Experience, or determination to prove oneself?

    The first Grand Prix saw a relatively uncontested Top 3 breakaway from Immortal Beasts. Leading the charge once again is Quent, falling just short of the immediate half-century score on 49. Drew and Jason followed respectively on 36 and 34. Essency did have some nice cluster points in this GP, however, with five members all contributing at least 23 points, topped by Team UK member Joebo on 32. However, in this instance, sheer point gain outweighs team effort; the larger numbers on IB's side grants them the early advantage, up on the former Division 5 champs by 18 points.

    In the middle set, however, we find a complete turnover of strategies prevailing. It is this time IB's Drew that turns up for his team, mirroring what team buddy Quent mustered beforehand points-wise, though Quent himself still shows admirably on 37. Yet, this time, it is Essency's group-up based tactics on point scoring that earns them a significantly more favorable position this time round. Four members score 32-36, a vast improvement on the previous four races, with this rise up the ranks lead by fruity World Record hunter Lemon. Inversely, four members of Immortal Beasts fail to score above 20. Essency's brand of close-knit play this match sees them now take the lead, zipping past the Beasts by 10 points.

    So what happens when both strategies prove viable and counterable? Why, chaos in the third GP of course! This time, no one person or group of people truly seem to stand out. Essency's Lemon, and infamous forum prodigy Batboo, share a GP MVP, each with 40 points. After this, the points and positions tend to alternate between both teams. The lowest score for this Grand Prix is 19... But those are unfortunately possessed by snc members. Ultimately, it is Immortal Beast's minor gains compared to snc's order of points rank that earn them... 10 points. The match is a tie!

    Both teams appeared to place commitment and dedication into their chosen play styles, and played them effectively on the day, resulting in a standstill that should see an interesting and refreshing rematch between these two newly-formed adversaries, come Week 9.

    Media Links:

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  2. Rain


    • MKBoards Supporter
    Oct 12, 2014
    Star Clan
    Very nice but our one lost was to Essency not Nferno
  3. justinrocksgaming


    Feb 7, 2016
    In my basement.
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    Wiimmfi FC:
    I saw you have a few videos of previous wars, IB has a video vs 8-Bit Week 1.

    MKU W1 - Full War - Against 8-Bit

    edit: btw nice thread, it's good :datboi:
    Last edited: May 27, 2016
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  4. Jamie

    Jamie You're Lousy

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    Jun 19, 2013
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